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  We specialize in   assisting companies  in securing their   internet presence.
    We are a domain  referral service   that has assisted  many firms in locating  and acquiring internet  resources. We also do  provide detailed intelligence  reports to our clients. 
    Our company scans the   internet daily to locate  our client companies'   potential interests and   secures new potential   assets for new   companies seeking   "web-presence".
    We help clients assure   their presence is clear   and covered to inhibit  the influence of either  competitors or parties   with malicious intent   toward them.
    We have no desire or   interest in owning   client interests except   as a transit agent to   connect clients with   web assets that may   be of interest to them.  
We are DomainPrep, located in Houston, Texas. Our firm assists companies and individuals to become "cyberactive" - to become alive on the internet. Our address is : 4910 Drakestone, Suite DP   Houston, Texas 77053   Phone # 713-926-3902   Fax   # 309-414-3868