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                             Welcome to the Excel Group

                           Background on the Excel Group 

The Excel Group began operations in Houston, Texas in 1990 and currently consisted of two subsidiaries,  Urbane Images and WebVision Technology. A new division, InfoMony was formed in July, 2000.

W e b V i s i o n   T e c h n o l o g y 

WebVision is a subsidiary of The Excel Group and is involved in the distribution of Web-based technology to the average individual that is interested in obtaining more knowledge and access to this technology. Services provided include web page creation, internet classes, and, internet access services. 

U R B A N E     I M A G E S 

Urbane Images is an innovative art distribution channel for famous art, photographs, and prints. It is also the marketing agent of limited metallic prints created by Houston Artist: 

  A b a y o m i 
M o d i e s t 


InfoMony is an excellent web-based resource for individuals interested in acquiring vital information regarding investment strategies and web-based income generation. It exhibits the impact of cyberspace on our monetary and financial structures.
     4910 Drakestone, Suite XL
   Houston, TX 77053
  United States