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Street Flava
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Checking Out The New Flicks ...

On this page look for all the new hot films, television, and stage appearances.  Look for our reviews and comments on each film. We'll try to also include sample sound and video files, if  we can get our hands on some.

Raging Bull
(1978; Martin Scorsese, director)

A film reel; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Robert DeNiro's performance in this movie seems to go beyond performance: he sinks so deeply into the role of Jake LaMotta that you almost forget he's DeNiro. It's not a likable performance, and it's not an especially likable film (the fight sequences still make me wince), but it is perhaps the high point of his career.

Favorite Movie

The hottest films will be spotlighted in this section. So look for the in-depth articles here......